Christopher Mills, CEO at iMod Digital
26 May 2015

CEO Insight: Christopher Mills of & iMOD Digital

From an award winning blogger at to Director of iMod Digital: “a digital marketing agency with a team of digital fanatics who share a love for the online space.” Chris Mills is a guy that has mastered many challenging, and technical parts of online business and now helps other businesses do the

Alexa ranking
14 Apr 2015

Why has my Rank Plummeted and Does it Matter? is a great tool to analyze traffic of your competitors. I use Alexa and Similar Web to get a good overview of a competitors traffic stats. It gives you a good idea of total web traffic, keywords used, demographics of visitors etc. Your ranking may have tanked, or is not climbing,

New Fren | Dealing with old product pages and redirecting
10 Mar 2015

SEO: What to do with discontinued and deleted product pages on my eCommerce store

Every online store will encounter situations with products where the distributor or manufacture deletes them from their catalogue (discontinued or EOL – end of life), they’re not available any more or have been updated to a newer model, ie an iPhone 5 cover to iPhone 6 cover. For whatever reason