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johnnywalker pricing image
17 Feb 2015

How to calculate the landed cost and price your imported products

Once you’ve finished sourcing suppliers for products you’d like to sell on your ecommerce storefront, the next big step is pricing them. Pricing is a very important aspect in the eCommerce process and requires a pricing strategy. By that I mean are you going to price your products at the lowest

Redvertex Studio |
12 Feb 2015

5 Elements for Creating eCommerce Product Pages That Sell

For any eCommerce business the lifeblood of the company is their product pages. Product pages are where your customers make the decision to either buy from you or go somewhere else to buy – somewhere else with great product pages. A product page should give your potential buyer all the

06 Feb 2015

5 Essential Apps you’ll find on my iPhone

You might agree that the iOS App Store isn’t exactly the most user friendly one out there. The amount of times I’ve gone in looking for an app that can do something in particular, and been fed a whole lot of crap that’s not even relevant. The following however, you won’t find crap,

Red headed beauty
03 Feb 2015

Some advice on getting over a woman

I was paging through an old journal the other day and came across some advice that I gave myself after a breakup. Maybe it might prove use to someone else out there too. As it turned out the very next woman I met is now the woman that makes me

Homemade Breakfast Granola Recipe
03 Feb 2015

Homemade Breakfast Granola Recipe in 30 mins

It still baffles me to hear that some people skip breakfast altogether. By it’s very definition that 1st meal after a long night’s ZZZs is “breaking the fast”. Breakfast mealtime is my best, but being on this banting diet (low carb high fat) means that my once loved and cherished Future

30 Jan 2015

My 5 Favourite South African eCommerce Stores in 2014 and Why

Being a voracious eCommerce news and trends junkie, there are a few online stores I follow on a regular basis. The below is a concise list of online stores in SA that are at the top of their game through a combination of eCommerce functionality, logistics and fulfilment, catalagoue presentation

28 Jan 2015

MyBroadband Survey of Best Online Shops in South Africa

Having just had a conversation with one of Mantality’s esteemed suppliers, he congratulated me on getting a mention in an article outlining the Best Online Shops in South Africa. Slightly confused I thanked him and asked if it was the one relating to the 2014 eCommerce Awards which ran last year and

27 Jan 2015

4 Ways to Source South African, UK and International suppliers

The heart and soul of any online store are the products they carry. Sourcing unique and reputable suppliers and products can be a challenge, but it’s worth spending a little extra effort on. Whether you’re looking to import or source locally the process will be very similar and the route