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Mizuno 3D - | Inventory Managment Techniques
19 Mar 2015

Inventory Management: Low-Cost Techniques to Ensure Your Products are Alway In-Stock

You can’t sell what you don’t have! Ensuring stock levels are kept at optimal levels requires a fair bit of a work, yes, but it’s the kind of work where you’ll see some impressive returns. Towards the beginning of Q4 2014, and during the lead up to Christmas I embarked on a

© Jakob Wagner | - Airfreight shipping vs Seafreight shipping
13 Mar 2015

Logistics: Should I use Airfreight or Seafreight when importing products for my ecommerce business?

The seafreight or aifreight question is an important one with any ecommerce store who imports their own goods. If you’re importing you can’t escape shipping charges unfortunately. Deciding whether to import products yourself is an entirely different kettle of fries and I provide some insight into this article here: sourcing

13 Mar 2015

[Review] Grippy Pad Sticky Gadget Mat for Car & Home

Recently I tested the Grippy Mat to see just how “grippy” it actually was. Well, they’re not joking around – it sticks like crazy. From the second you start peeling away the protective film that’s contained in the package you get an idea for the stickiness that’s about to ensue. Now it’s

New Fren | Dealing with old product pages and redirecting
10 Mar 2015

SEO: What to do with discontinued and deleted product pages on my eCommerce store

Every online store will encounter situations with products where the distributor or manufacture deletes them from their catalogue (discontinued or EOL – end of life), they’re not available any more or have been updated to a newer model, ie an iPhone 5 cover to iPhone 6 cover. For whatever reason

StudioJQ |
26 Feb 2015

Logo Design and Branding Tips for Your Business or Website

One of the most important elements for your business is its branding. Branding is so much more than just a logo or slogan, your branding is the voice and tone of your business and represents the personality of the business as if it were a real living and breathing person;

© Aaron Campbell |
24 Feb 2015

Self-Employed vs Being an Employee: Is Owning your own business all it’s cracked up to be

I wish there was a cut and dry “yes or no” answer for this but alas, there is not. Owning your own business definitely does have its upside but there’s certainly some positives to being an employee. I hear often how people are “tired of corporate” life and would like

Andre Josselin |
20 Feb 2015

Poem: When we two parted by Lord Byron

At the risk of sounding like a slight ponce to some, poetry has always been of keen interest to me. And much like art, you can read “impressionist” style poetry that paints a visceral picture and gleans insight into the mind of the poet, and you also read “abstract” style

©  Artur Sadlos -
20 Feb 2015

Business Math: Knowing How to Calculate the Break-even Point of your Business

Knowing how much in the way of gross sales (revenue) or units sold to break even is an essential formula that all business owners should know and keep an eye on. In the early stages of a growing business it’s vital to know how much is needed for the business to reach