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21 Apr 2015

5 YouTube Channels I’m Loving this Month in April 2015

YouTube is quickly becoming a valuable resource for advice and research on a range of topics that interest me. I’m constantly baffled and in awe by the quality of videos being produced by these guys. Below is my hotlist of YouTube channels, and a sample video clip, of videos and content

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24 Feb 2015

Self-Employed vs Being an Employee: Is Owning your own business all it’s cracked up to be

I wish there was a cut and dry “yes or no” answer for this but alas, there is not. Owning your own business definitely does have its upside but there’s certainly some positives to being an employee. I hear often how people are “tired of corporate” life and would like

Red headed beauty
03 Feb 2015

Some advice on getting over a woman

I was paging through an old journal the other day and came across some advice that I gave myself after a breakup. Maybe it might prove use to someone else out there too. As it turned out the very next woman I met is now the woman that makes me

Homemade Breakfast Granola Recipe
03 Feb 2015

Homemade Breakfast Granola Recipe in 30 mins

It still baffles me to hear that some people skip breakfast altogether. By it’s very definition that 1st meal after a long night’s ZZZs is “breaking the fast”. Breakfast mealtime is my best, but being on this banting diet (low carb high fat) means that my once loved and cherished Future

The missus and I (looking decidedly haggard and grizzly with that new beard)
24 Jan 2015

Who is Mr Mantality – An introduction to The Man Behind it All

When deciding on what the 1st post should be about, it seem only fitting that it should be about Mr Mantality himself, and give a bit of insight into the man behind it. The idea for Mr Mantality.com came about as a result of me having arguably one of the worst performing