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21 Apr 2015

5 YouTube Channels I’m Loving this Month in April 2015

YouTube is quickly becoming a valuable resource for advice and research on a range of topics that interest me. I’m constantly baffled and in awe by the quality of videos being produced by these guys. Below is my hotlist of YouTube channels, and a sample video clip, of videos and content

Alexa ranking
14 Apr 2015

Why has my Alexa.com Rank Plummeted and Does it Matter?

Alexa.com is a great tool to analyze traffic of your competitors. I use Alexa and Similar Web to get a good overview of a competitors traffic stats. It gives you a good idea of total web traffic, keywords used, demographics of visitors etc. Your ranking may have tanked, or is not climbing,

06 Feb 2015

5 Essential Apps you’ll find on my iPhone

You might agree that the iOS App Store isn’t exactly the most user friendly one out there. The amount of times I’ve gone in looking for an app that can do something in particular, and been fed a whole lot of crap that’s not even relevant. The following however, you won’t find crap,