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24 Feb 2015

Self-Employed vs Being an Employee: Is Owning your own business all it’s cracked up to be

I wish there was a cut and dry “yes or no” answer for this but alas, there is not. Owning your own business definitely does have its upside but there’s certainly some positives to being an employee. I hear often how people are “tired of corporate” life and would like

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20 Feb 2015

Business Math: Knowing How to Calculate the Break-even Point of your Business

Knowing how much in the way of gross sales (revenue) or units sold to break even is an essential formula that all business owners should know and keep an eye on. In the early stages of a growing business it’s vital to know how much is needed for the business to reach

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17 Feb 2015

How to calculate the landed cost and price your imported products

Once you’ve finished sourcing suppliers for products you’d like to sell on your ecommerce storefront, the next big step is pricing them. Pricing is a very important aspect in the eCommerce process and requires a pricing strategy. By that I mean are you going to price your products at the lowest

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12 Feb 2015

5 Elements for Creating eCommerce Product Pages That Sell

For any eCommerce business the lifeblood of the company is their product pages. Product pages are where your customers make the decision to either buy from you or go somewhere else to buy – somewhere else with great product pages. A product page should give your potential buyer all the

27 Jan 2015

4 Ways to Source South African, UK and International suppliers

The heart and soul of any online store are the products they carry. Sourcing unique and reputable suppliers and products can be a challenge, but it’s worth spending a little extra effort on. Whether you’re looking to import or source locally the process will be very similar and the route

26 Jan 2015

Profit margin vs Markup – What’s the difference and how do I calculate them?

This may be obvious to some but knowing the difference between how much you markup something and the margin received is crucial. Margin and profit are the same thing. Marking up an item is adding on a percentage, above the cost price, to get to the final selling price. Margin

25 Jan 2015

Tips & Ideas for naming your online business or brand

Coming up with a name for your new company or brand can be a daunting challenge. You’re trying to create a name that conveys what the business is about but without it being too dull or easily forgettable. Some of the best names have the branding built into it which

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24 Jan 2015

Who is Mr Mantality – An introduction to The Man Behind it All

When deciding on what the 1st post should be about, it seem only fitting that it should be about Mr Mantality himself, and give a bit of insight into the man behind it. The idea for Mr Mantality.com came about as a result of me having arguably one of the worst performing