5 YouTube Channels I’m Loving this Month in April 2015

YouTube is quickly becoming a valuable resource for advice and research on a range of topics that interest me. I’m constantly baffled and in awe by the quality of videos being produced by these guys. Below is my hotlist of YouTube channels, and a sample video clip, of videos and content creators that I’m loving for April 2015.


Fizzle is a unique online subscription service for business owners looking to rocket their revenue, and find new and creative ways to promote their website and business. The website gives succint and interesting articles, as well as pithy videos on their YouTube channel around marketing, productivity, strategies, growing your business and online promotion, as well as a slew of other topics an online business owner is yearning to know about. It’s not all paid for content though, their YouTube and podcast provide so much free content, you’d be a fool not to check them out.

In essence Fizzle is: For independent creatives and entrepreneurs building their thing online. The Sparkline Blog, The Fizzle Show and honest training for online business builders.

Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael is a very unassuming life coach and motivator for change. His videos are very low-tech but high impact. He talks about a range of topics from entrepreneurship to productivity and everything in between. One thing that drew me to his YouTube channel is that he does a lot of documentary style interviews about famous personalities and business people, so if you ever wanted a quick, inspiring look into a business person’s life and how they got to where they are, Evan’s videos are a great start. His YouTube channel is aptly named “Modelling the Masters”.


James Wedmore

James Wedmore has labelled himself as a video marketing coach. So if you’re looking to promote your online business through YouTube this guy is definitely one to watch. He makes some super useful videos that can be interestingly technical but not too intense. Making them suitable for beginners and pros alike. He does a lot of tutorial style and how-to videos around social media, online marketing and YouTube marketing.

Marie Forleo

Her YouTube channel Marie TV tagline is “Create a business and life you love”. Marie Forleo is a super bubbly and hilarious life coach that covers some very important business and life concepts, all whilst giving sound advice on becoming the best possible you in life and in business. She interviews some pretty high profile business personalities and celebrities from all walks of life, so definitely one to subscribe to.

Brendon Burchard

With almost 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 25 million video views to his name, Brendon Burchard gives solid advice on a range life topics from motivation, to productivity, to staying focused and just about everything in between. Brendon is also the author of The Charge. His videos are profound, and super-motivational and will certainly strike a chord with you too.

And there you have it, my top YouTube channel picks for this month.

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