5 Essential Apps you’ll find on my iPhone

You might agree that the iOS App Store isn’t exactly the most user friendly one out there. The amount of times I’ve gone in looking for an app that can do something in particular, and been fed a whole lot of crap that’s not even relevant. The following however, you won’t find crap, and are apps which I use regularly and simply couldn’t do without.


1. Evernote. If there was an app that told you which app you use most frequently, that app would tell me it’s this app! Note taking is essential in this day and age and when you start to collect enough of them, you need a powerful way to organise them all. Evernote is simple and lightweight, yet powerful. Naturally your notes are cloud hosted so every device with Evernote installed on will have all your notes. They even have a desktop app for the power user, as well as integrate with hundreds of other apps, so no matter what app you’re using you can always save notes, ideas, brain dumps etc.

2. Azendoo. Tasks are the mainstay of any business professional, or individual, looking to get things done in the most efficient way possible.  What’s particularly nice about Azendoo is that is has a project style approach to tasks, and with a good emphasis on planning. You can have different subjects (ie finance, marketing, logistics) and within each subject you’ll have their relevant tasks. You can add team member and collaborate (and comment) on tasks for maximum task flow in a team environment.


3. CamScanner. This is an app I’ve had for only a couple of months now, but am finding it very useful. CamScanner turns your iPhone into a pocket OCR scanner. Say for instance you need to clip and article in a magazine or a paragraph from a book, this app will use your camera to take a photo and then “read” the text and turn it into workable text. You can then either copy and paste that text, send it to Evernote or create a snippets library from with CamScanner. Clever stuff! If like me you want to save important quotes or notes from any printed source, then this is a must have app!


4. Pocket. “Save for later” style apps are nothing new but Pocket makes all those snippets across all your devices, read like a magazine. It’s powerful in that you can add tags which makes finding snippets easier when you need them. Pocket I use when I’m caught unexpectedly at the bank or in traffic, or waiting on meeting etc. It’s strangely satisfying browsing through digital content that you’ve saved, from across all spheres of interest to only you, instead of being fed the reams of digital junk out there that’s aimed at everyone else.


5. Feedly. I’ve left the best for last. If you’re not clued up with RSS feeds, you’re living in the digital dark ages son. RSS is essentially a lightweight feed of essential info from the the sites (and sources) you love to visit. Now imagine you had your own aggregator to deliver and organise all those feeds into one beautifully presented single user interface – that’s feedly! It’s like reading a magazine of only the content you want from the websites, blogs, forums etc that you choose. There’s an iOs app and mobile site so you’re covered wherever on whatever – and it doesn’t cost a penny.

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